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This website is basically just a chronical of Teroth's Evernight game history.

The official Evernight game website is here: www.evernightgame.com.

I can be contacted:
In-game alias: "Teroth"
email: teroth@gmail.com

Yahoo instant messenger: "Teroth_EN"
 ahoo Instant Messenger: Teroth_EN

Of Course, The Links You'll Need: My Games: (Some links may be broken)
  • Evernight - The Reign of Darkness
    Evernight is a turn-based strategy game set in a fantastical world of armies, monsters, and supernatural warfare. Join a thriving online player community and match wits against hundreds of other tacticians - from any computer, at any time. Set entirely within a browser, Evernight allows players to make their moves from anywhere they can access the Internet. Then at a predetermined time each day, all orders are calculated and battles won and lost.
    Owned by F12Games LLC
  • MadNergal.com  ( formerly  Elrads )   MUST READING!
    A resource for Evernight. A great place to get up to speed on Evernight playing. Strategy, tactics, techniques, tips, tricks, and politics.
    Created by Elrad/Gackmasta
  • Wyrmmlore.com
    Wyrmmlore's Evernight Site.
    Created by Wyrmmlore
  • The Library of Midia
    A handy site full of interesting Midian statistics.
    (Site may be down due to technical difficulties)
    Created by WaterDios
  • Yahoo Group: Evernight Rogues

    A yahoo group created primarily for the photo album feature so that Evernight players could upload photos of themselves for eveyone else to see.
    Created/Operated/Moderated by:
    Darak Leaf, Brahm Tazoul, Wyrmmlore, & Catiea
  • Evernight Vision

    A Visual Basic based battle simulator that provides calculated or randomized results for battles involving up to 6 separate opponents and provides details for each round of battle. This simulator is an installable Visual Basic program. The setup zip file includes all necessary files.
    Created by BlueSky
  • Tome of Rning
    An advanced battle simulator that provides statistical results for battles involving a variable number of opposing forces. The simulator is a downloadable Excel spreadsheet, so you will need Microsoft Excel '97 or newer in order to use it.
    Created by Rning
  • Mad Nergal Statistical Calculator
    A web based basic battle simulator that provides approximate results for battles between two opposing forces. An updated and improved version of the original Red Army Battle Calculator. Similar to the original, but with several new additional features added.
    Created by MaoTseTung modified by Gnascher
  • MPOGD.COM ( Multiplayer Online Games Directory )
    The Multi-Player Online Gaming Directory (MPOGD) is a site dedicated to providing information about multi-player online games. MPOGD contains daily news, in-depth game reviews, editorials about current hot topics in multi-player online gaming, a forum system where game developers and players interact and the MPOGD Game of the Month Poll.
    Cast a vote for EVERNIGHT DAILY !!
    The voting link is at the bottom of the home page.
    Created by MPOGD, Inc.

Handy Downloads:

  • WinZip
    An easy to use zipping/unzipping utility. It's fully functional whether you register it or not. If you don't register it, you'll just have to look at a nag screen each time you start it.
    By WinZip Computing
  • Excel Viewer ( 97, 2000, 2002, & 2003 )
    A free viewer that will allow you open and view Excel files if you do not have Excel installed on your computer. Yep. Free. No strings. From MS. Can ya believe it?
    By Microsoft
  • SnagIt
    SnagIt is the program I use for the screen captures. Download a 30 day free trial. $39.95 to buy. (The program still works after the 30 days are over, but it places a "tag" in the lower right hand corner of captured images.)
    By TechSmith

  • Yahoo Instant Messenger

    A free chat client. Yahoo Instant Messenger (YIM) seems to have become the most popular messenger software among EN players. Subscribe to the newsgroup "Messenger Ids" for a list of messenger Ids.
    Extremely handy if you play the Blitz games.

  • Trillian Chat Client
    A freeware chat client. A single unified program that combines and communicates with MSN Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, IRC, and Yahoo Messenger.
    Extremely handy if you play the Blitz games.
  • Lord of the Rings VII - Akallabeth - Info
    Game over - 1st place   (Team Game)
  • Race to Divinity - Info
    Game over - 18th place

  • Age of Immortals 10
    Game over - 7th place

  • Age of Immortals 9
    Game over - 1st place

  • Gemini Three - Sands of Passage
    Game over - 28th place

  • 1006 The Fate of Midia
    Game over - 7th place   (FF Game)

  • Blind Man's Bluff
    Game over   - 2nd place  (FF Game)

  • Domain of the Lizard King
    Game over   - 13th place

  • Manglers Halloween Havoc - Info
    Game over   - 8th place

  • Demon Wars 9 - The Quiet - Info
    Game over   - 12th place

  • Age of Legends III - Info
    Game over   - 1st place
  • Bane's Sprint
    Game over - Dead
  • Start Trek: The Final Frontier - Info
    Game over - 2nd place (Team Game)
  • Epoch Blitz XVIII The Rush - Info
    Game over   - 16th place
  • Epoch Blitz XVII - Spooky's Return
    Game over - Survival
  • Insurrection of Vanity and the Sloth
    Game over - Dead
  • Mononoke Hime - Info
    Game over   - 1st place
  • Trail of Tears 47
    Game over   - Dead
  • No Sacrifice for the Wicked - Info
    Game over
    - 3rd place
  • The Quick and the Dead - Info
    Game over - Survival
  • Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Info
    Game over - Survival
  • Magnificent Seven 74 - Info
    Game over - Survival
  • Only the Fearless 7 - Info
    Game Over - 2nd place
  • Epoch Blitz IV JAWS! - Info
    Game Over - 5th place (CT game)
  • Battle of Endor - Info
    Game Over - 1st place (Team Game)
  • Memorial Blitz - Info
    Game Over - 2nd place
  • Magnificent Seven 25 - Info
    Game Over - 3rd place
  • Thorns of Experience 23
    Game Over - 2nd place
  • Danheg's Desert Blitz
    Game Over - 1st place
  • My First Evernight Game 325
    Game Over - 1st place


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